Step 1: Ripping
Step 2: DVD2AVI
Step 3: Audio encoding
Step 4: Bitrate calc.
Step 5: Frameserving
Step 6: Video encoding
Step 7: Multiplexing
Step 8: Mastering
Step 9: Burning

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by Jacob Laursen

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Ripping a DVD and converting it to SVCD is a long and complicated process. This guide is an attempt to describe this process as thoroughly as possible. It's aimed at DVD->SVCD newbies, but also contains information that may be valuable to experienced rippers who blindly have followed the doom9 guides until now. It is however not aimed at "normal computer users", i.e. people that don't consider themselves "geeks". Don't despair if you run into troubles - you probably will. ;-) If there's a specific problem with one of the programs (or something you don't understand), read the manual. If this doesn't help, search on the net or ask in one of the doom9 forums.

About this guide

This guide describes the necesarry steps all the way from ripping a DVD to burning SVCD's. There are lots and lots of options in all the involved software that are not described in this guide. If you want to know more about a specific option, consult the manual.


The following software is used throughout this guide (in order of appearance):
  • SmartRipper 2.39
  • DVD2AVI 1.76
  • tooLame
  • VFAPIConv and VirtualDub for testing subtitles
  • AVIsynth 1.x and mpeg2dec.dll
  • VobSub (optional, only for subtitles)
  • CCE 2.50
  • Pulldown (only for NTSC movies)
  • bbMPEG
  • TSCV 0.82 beta release 1 (including vcdimager) and TMPGEnc for menu work
  • Nero or later (or another que/bin capable burner program)

General tips

  • Avoid using spaces in filenames.
  • Don't move the files - some of them contain absolute paths.


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