Step 1: Ripping
Step 2: DVD2AVI
Step 3: Audio encoding
Step 4: Bitrate calc.
Step 5: Frameserving
Step 6: Video encoding
Step 7: Multiplexing
Step 8: Mastering
Step 9: Burning

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by Jacob Laursen

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  • Filename extensions:
    D2V DVD2AVI file
    ECL Encoder Control List (CCE project file)
    IDX Subtitle index file
    IFO DVD info file
    M2V MPEG-2 video file
    MPA MPEG audio file
    MP2 MPEG-1 layer 2 audio file
    MPG MPEG audio/video file
    MPV MPEG video file
    SUB Subtitle file
    VOB Video Object file
  • Mux rate: This is the total transfer rate for the MPEG stream. The mux rate, also known as the user data rate, implies that the addition (rather, the multiplexed rate) of all elements of the video, audio, subpictures and text streams can not surpass that figure. For SVCD the mux rate is 2600 kbit/s.

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