ARexx scripts

by Jacob Laursen

- TextMode: CLI interface for YAM - great for reading mail via Telnet. Download V1.4 (20.12.99).

- NewMail (YAM): Script for playing a sound sample when new mail arrived only if the mail isn't filtered. Download.

- KrakLookup: Given a (danish) phone number as argument, this script returns the address of the owner of the line. This requires a TCP/IP stack running, since the scripts uses the Danish services Krak, De Gule Sider and Jubii Oplysning to look up the information. Download V1.3 (27.11.2000).

- MoreArcDir: This one is for DOpus Magellan. It's a modified version of the original ArcDir by Edmund Vermeulen and Dave Clarke. Place both files in DOpus5:ARexx/ and configure a Zip datatype to do the job. Please do not ask me for help doing this. Also be sure to have UnZip and Zip in your path. Both can be found on Aminet. I will write some documentation when I've got a more final product. Download V0.11 (26.11.99). News, February 7th 2000: I now consider MoreArcDir obsolete. Use Dave Clarke's ArcHandler or ArcHandlerEx instead.

- StripAds (YAM): Script to remove Yahoo! Groups banners from new mails. Download V1.1 (8.8.2001).

See also: MM_PowerFix and WebYAM.

Last updated: August 8th 2001