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MM_PowerFix is a brand new AreaFix for MailManager with advanced configuration facilities. All messages sent by PowerFix can be designed just the way you like it - even the wide range of different lists. Examples are included which show how you can easily masqurade PowerFix as MM_AreaFix+ or MM_AreaManager (not yet available).

Please note that MM_PowerFix is still in the beta stage and many functions still need to be implemented and probably many bugs need to be fixed. Plus the the documentation is incomplete. My original plan was to finish the program a long time ago, but the development stopped for a long period due to studies. So I decided to release this beta version for everyone to enjoy or delete.

Feel free to mail me if you have any comments or ideas. I'm looking forward to release version 1.0 when I get the time to implement all the stuff on my TODO list.


Version Date File
Latest Aminet release 0.25 27.2.98 MM_PowerFix.lha
Latest beta version 0.30 21.4.98 MM_PowerFix.lha

Some of the features at this time:

Features yet to come, perhaps: