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Napster is an MP3 sharing community using a special client that features things like chatting, searching, downloading, notify lists, etc. If you want to read more about Napster in general, go to Here you can also download the official Windows version of the client. Amster is an Open Source MUI based almost full-featured Napster client for AmigaOS. Current features include:
  • Multithreaded downloads with priority and queue settings.
  • File sharing (upload) with drag'n'drop support and more.
  • Private messaging and multichatting (with channel list window).
  • Advanced search with column list sorting.
  • External MP3 player spawning; play the music while you download it!
  • Navigator to connect to favourite servers (choose from list).
  • Hotlist with online/offline notification and browse facility.
  • Separate window for each task, and optional icon panel.
  • ARexx port for scripting.
  • Locale support - the world's first Napster client in 19 languages.
  • Help bubbles and AmigaGuide® chapter lookup.
The Amster project was started by Gürer Özen, going public in December 1999 with first release version, 0.1. After the 0.3 release Jacob Laursen joined the project and continued development together with Gürer. Since the release of Amster version 0.5, the project - including these webpages - has been maintained by Jacob Laursen.



  1. Q: I can't find the same MP3's after reconnecting?
    A: Napster has many MP3 servers, and they're not linked together. If you enable "Cache servers" in the configuration (Options/Server list), you can find the same server using the navigator window (from the Amster menu).
  2. Q: Why do my own shared files not appear in the search results?
    A: They are filtered out by the server. If you want to check if your library really have been uploaded, you can browse your own files - just enter your username in the Hotlist window and press 'Browse'.
  3. Q: I can't download my own shared files - Amster says we're both firewalled?
    A: Amster users can't download from Amster users. The reason is that Amster currently only implements two out of the four transfer methods. So for now Amster can't download from/upload to other users that are behind firewall (including Amster users).
  4. Q: I often get "No files found" when browsing a user's files, even though I know he's sharing songs. How come?
    A: The user is probably on another server than you. Napster currently do not link all their servers - there's nothing to do about this.
  5. Q: Amster exits with "cannot create mui app!" message.
    A: Check your MUI installation and make sure you have a reasonable amount of RAM available.
  6. Q: When creating my own account and logging in for the first time, I get "Invalid password" from server.
    A: Username is already taken - try another.
  7. Q: When starting Amster, I get the error "Failed to open main window!".
    A: If you're running a very low resolution, this may be the problem. Solution: Increase the screen size. When you've done that you can save some space by disabling the icon panel (from the Settings menu).


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