2001-04-01  Jacob Laursen 

    * Locale is working again now (quick fix, new 0.8a main archive

2001-04-02  Jacob Laursen 

    * Added modified source files for FlexCat to fix the Locale problem
      in a more elegant way.

    * No longer uses SAS/C's library auto-open feature. If a library
      can't be opened, an error will be displayed - if started from
      Workbench it will appear in a requester. If possible, the error
      will be localized.

2001-04-08  Jacob Laursen 

    * Fixed memory leak when adding/removing icon panel.
    * Improved library opening and version check for custom classes
      (errors are now displayed in a requester when run from Workbench).

2001-04-09  Jacob Laursen 

    * Navigator "Update" will now remove dead Navigator servers. A server
      is considered dead if it was previously gathered from napigator.com
      and is no longer on the list.

2001-04-11  Jacob Laursen 

    * Removed enforcer hits when loading old Navigator servers.

2001-04-17  Jacob Laursen 

    * Only used custom classes will be shown in MUI prefs now, when
      running MUI 3.9.
    * Versions of MUI custom classes are now correctly checked (does no
      longer depend on them to be in 'LIBS:MUI/'.

2001-04-18  Jacob Laursen 

    * About window is now created "on the fly" to reduce memory
      usage and startup time.
    * Lowered rexxsyslib.library requirement to V36.

2001-04-22  Jacob Laursen 

    * Main GUI is now subclassed - finally got rid of the handle hook.
    * Nicer OO design of the About class. [Build #1]

2001-04-23  Jacob Laursen 

    * Complete recompile needed (build #1 didn't work). [Build #2]
    * Cleaned up some source.

2001-04-24  Jacob Laursen 

    * The "Paths" toggle gadgets for the main and Hotlist window are no
      longer connected, but works independently of each other. The state
      of the one in the Hotlist is currently not saved.
    * More source cleanups - shouldn't affect the functionality, although
      some parts have been reworked.

2001-04-25  Jacob Laursen 

    * Now should display columns in the right order when swithing between
      having Lamp/TWFmultiLED classes available and not.
    * Could crash if failing to create application - fixed.

2001-04-26  Jacob Laursen 

    * Could crash on exit (would throw enforcer hits) when running
      without icon panel.
    * Max. search results and advanced search options are now correctly
      set to defaults when starting Amster without a prefs file.
    * The "Paths" setting for the Hotlist window is now also saved.

2001-04-29  Jacob Laursen 

    * The IP is now also saved in the SEARCH ARexx command's result STEM

2001-05-06  Jacob Laursen 

    * Accidentally broke 'Remove' in Library - fixed.

2002-02-19  Jacob Laursen 

    * Removed connect panel in main window, since it's Napster oriented.

2002-09-18  Jacob Laursen 

    * Readded connect panel, since Amster hasn't been tested without
      it yet.
    * Disabled Navigator update button, since the list is no longer
      available in clear text form. A new HTML parser would need to be
      written for this to work again. The new list is available at
    * Updated website URL in about window. [Build #3]